Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Excuse me?!

Well, I guess the inevitable has happened. Ava is now going through a phase of calling me by my first name! Actually, it sounds a lot more like "Tim" than "Kim", but it is definitely NOT mom/mommy/momma etc. She will wander through the house looking for me, calling "Timmmm? Timmmmmmm????" I can't help but wonder where she gets that from (David)? I guess it also helps that I have a short name that's relatively easy for her to pronounce. So, for now, I am answering to "Tim" in lieu of "mommy", and crossing my fingers that this too shall pass! lol

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Last night was our ward Trunk-or-Treat. Ava went as a fairy princess, which was probably much more fun for us than it was for her. :) Still, she had a good time, and really enjoyed the haunted house that had been set up in the cultural hall. She was really entranced by all of the lights and fog. She especially enjoyed all of the suckers and lollipops she received...and didn't say "Trick-or-Treat" once, until the drive HOME (of course)! lol

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cast your vote!

I have now had an official "blogging tutorial" (thanks, Aimee!), and I am really starting to enjoy this whole blogging idea. I thought I'd get things started off right by having everyone cast their vote on whether you think we are having a BOY or a GIRL in March (use the buttons on the left)! We keep asking Ava whether there is a brother or sister in there, but so far she's not too consistent with her answers...

Our ultrasound is scheduled for this Friday, the 19th...so we'll keep everyone posted (literally, ha!) with the results!