Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, it's about time...

It's been ages since I've posted. There's no real rhyme or reason as to why I decided to re-enter the blogosphere today, except to begin the countdown to baby boy Tait and document a few other family-related things. I've realized that my personal journal feels a little scatterbrained sometimes, and this is the best place to keep my family journal.

So, if you are ready to endure the ongoing accounts of all things kid-related, read on, my on.

First off, I have to relate my favorite portion of Ava's bedtime prayer last night. It sums things up quite nicely as to our state of affairs lately. I'm quoting here. This is way to good to make up.

"Dear Heavenly Father....we are grateful for our family. We are grateful for the swim school and that Daddy got home safe. Please bless the baby to be healthy and strong. And please, please bless Ella to be more flexible and not stubborn so much so mommy doesn't have to lose her patience." Amen to that, Ava!!

Ella is a handful, but she is a cute handful, so that pretty much makes up for it. She is just about completely potty-trained (quick! knock on wood!), and is always saying and doing the most hilarious things. It is not uncommon to see her tromping around in one tap shoe and one Ugg boot, wearing every sparkly necklace she can find with lopsided sunglasses, and a backpack full of rocks. She is mischevious and stubborn, too (as clearly mentioned in Ava's prayer). As for Ava, she is such a sweet little helper, and **usually** willing to share with her sister and help out her momma. She is a busy girl with ballet, swim lessons, preschool, and piano. She is a wiz at folding handtowels, too. Last week she was able to bring home the "Adventure Animal" from preschool and take it around with her. Here are a few pics we took with "Rex".

Baby boy is less than 90 days away.... GULP. Last weekend was our official "Friends Weekend",, which is basically a reunion of a large group of friends from the singles ward days. There are quite a few of us pregnant this year, so I have dubbed 2010 "The Year of the Baby." Can it really be that in just a few months (weeks, really!), I'll be back at square one...nursing, burping, diapers, sleepless nights?! It feels like eons ago that I was in that stage with baby Ella. If it's possible to have pre-partum depression, I may be at risk. Sigh. I'm just not quite ready to face that reality yet! Oh well, at least I am in good company!

So, there you have it. An official bog post. There may be more to come, depending on whether or not I can keep my act together. Until then, I will resume my blurking with the rest of you. :) C'mon, you know you all do it.