Sunday, October 26, 2008

And the "Mother of the Year" Award Goes To.....

Here's a recap of our day at church today. One of those days where you just have to laugh and roll with the punches, I guess...

Made it through Sacrament Meeting with no major catastrophes....phew.

But then all the fun really begins....

Ella is sitting on her blankie in Sunday School at our feet, between Dave and I. We are in the front row, of course (don't ask me, Dave makes us sit in the front every stinking week!!!), when Ella starts to tip over, and before I can catch her, she falls over and hits her head - hard - on the corner of the piano. There is a huge thud, and a collective gasp from everyone in the room. I scoop Ella up as she starts to scream and I make a beeline out of the room.

As I get into the hallway, I see the nursery leader walking down the hall with Ava. Ava has apparently just sneezed - big time - and there is green snot all over her face. The nursery leader was taking her to the bathroom to wipe her nose, and didn't seem all to happy about it (which I wouldn't be either). As I am relieving the nursery leader of wiping my child's snotty nose, with my poor crying baby in the other hand, a member of the bishopric comes down the hall to make sure that Ella is okay, because he had heard about the "piano head trauma incident" from two different people in the hall. Great.

It is at this point that I also realize that I was in such a rush to get everyone to church on time that I have forgotten to feed Ella since she woke up from her morning nap! It has been nearly five hours since she has eaten. So I send Ava back off to nursery and head straight to the Mother's Lounge.

Then, as we are leaving church (and people are still coming up to me, asking if Ella's head is okay), I go to pick up Ava from nursery. As I give her a quick little hug, I also notice that her diaper is completely full and wet. I figure we'll just wait until we get home to change it. Besides, my hands are full anyways. I am holding Ava's hand, the diaper bag, my scriptures, Ella, Ella's blankie, and pacing the halls, trying to find David. Meanwhile, Ava is jabbering on about something (as usual), and I am kind of tuning it out, just trying to quickly find David and get home. Then, a little tap on my shoulder from my friend, Staci.

"Ummm...Kim, you might want to know that, ummmm... well, see,"

I stop and slowly look down at Ava.

Her wet Pull-Up is around her ankles.

Yes, we have been walking down the entire length of the hallway with Ava shuffling along as her Peed-In Princess Pull-Up was dragging along the floor. I now realize that she has been saying "Momma, my di-dee! My di-dee!"


So, please refrain from calling Child Protective Services if you see any sick, bruised, starving children walking down the street in soiled diapers. That's just us leaving church.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

So, of course we all know that the weather was beyond gorgeous last week, so we had to take advantage by taking several trips to our favorite park in the neighborhood. Lots of green grass, big, beautiful trees, a huge lake with lots of ducks, a fun playground, and weather that actually didn't feel like we were roasting in an oven.

It was heaven.

Time for some bubbles!

Ava kept chasing after the ducks, saying, "Hi ducks! How are you? What is your names?"

It was pretty funny.
And here are just a few more random pics that I just downloaded....

It's funny, people ask me every now and then if I belong to a gym (which I do, I just never actually go But, as all you moms know, this is the best workout there is.
Oh, and yes...we finally got Ava into her "Big Girl Bed" in her own bedroom!! YAY, Ava!

The transition was actually not that bad at all. She still waits in her bed for me to come get her up in the morning and after naptime (shhhh.... we won't let her in on the fact that getting out on her own is even an option...). She loves her new room, and Ella now has full reign of the nursery.
Finally...David's 32nd birthday was last week! Happy Birthday, honey! We love you a ton.

Here's the Happy Birthday song from two of your biggest fans.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am so out of my mind excited about my new photographer and our little family photo shoot last week. YAY!!



She has a few more of our family pics on her blog, too. Check it out:

I highly, highly, highly recommend Nikaela if you are looking at having some family pictures taken! She made us feel so comfortable and captured such incredible moments (isn't the lighting cool?). She had such great, unique ideas, and was just basically AWESOME! (okay, okay, I'll stop gushing now. But I mean every word, and every exclamation point.) :)

(And she was unbelievably reasonably priced... I think she could charge 3 times what she charged us and it would be worth it...)

Thanks, Nikaela!

Oh, and P.S. Emily and Alison, if you happen to go to the website, and happen to notice that I am wearing your shirt and accessories... ummm.... you know I had to rock the Forever 21 ensembles as long as they were in my possession. lol Now it can truly be documented Forever.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So last night I went on pretty much the most amazing girl's night of all time...

We went to see the So You Think You Can Dance concert!! FOR REAL!

"But, that all you have been doing since the last time you blogged..." you ask?

And to that, my reply is simply, "Read on, my on."

At the end of September, we went on a kid-free trip to Chicago to take in a Bears game. We also took some time to go on an architectural tour and do some shopping.

Here's a shot of yours truly on the Chicago River. The weather was so perfect!

"Well, Kim...what did you go shopping for in Chicago?" Good question. Keep reading.

I bought my little satin dress for my TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL Reunion!!

Last weekend we went to good old Hermosa Beach for my reunion, and had a really great time. I am so glad that I went!

We also just basically enjoyed yet another kid-free weekend, this time at the beach. The weather wasn't exactly perfect...but it was cool, and I wasn't complaining one bit!!

And now, of blog would be complete without a little update on the girls, right? Well, check it out....

I have been trying for months now to capture one shot...both girls, both looking at the camera, good lighting, and no red-eye. And....I finally got it! Not once, but twice! Here are my favorite pics of the girls thus far:

Ava has also been very interested in make-up lately. Here she is, working on getting her mascara just right. That's a trip to the hospital waiting to happen, I'm sure.

Ava also got a little house in the backyard. She is always inviting me to come to "Ava's house".

And Ella..... sweet, sweet Ella. All I can say is, I'm ruined. I can never have another baby again because it's all downhill after how easy this baby has been. She's just an absolute angel.

And, I know this is a random way to end my post, but I have been playing with Play-Doh quite a bit lately. Here is my latest and greatest creation. Feel free to be impressed. Or, to think I'm crazy and have way to much free time on my hands. The nose is my favorite... lol.