Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Did anyone else have this experience while taking pictures for your Christmas card????

Poor Kona!

Kona got spayed today. I can not even explain how sad I was all day, just thinking about her lying on the operating table, all drugged up and unconscious. Now she is home, and my heart is absolutely breaking because she is obviously in a lot of pain, and still very groggy. Ava and I have been keeping vigil with her, and Ava is very good at being gentle with her and giving her lots of hugs. She is such a great dog. The world needs more dogs like Kona.

Monday, December 3, 2007


So I am helping out at the swim school right now, and I am currently covering the front desk. By "covering" I mean I am checking my e-mail and blogging and listening to KTAR. Little did I know that in the few months that I have been away from the front office consistently, my sisters-in-law have gotten this place running like a well-oiled machine! So, basically, there is really nothing here for me to do besides take roll every half-hour and answer the phones (yawn). But there is a very heated debate on the radio that I am listening to (they are talking about whether or not a Mormon should be in the White House) and I keep trying to call in to the radio station. It's been busy for quite a while now. So that is keeping me kind of busy. Oh wait! It's ringing!!! Oh wait...I dialed the wrong number. Oh wait...there's a customer. That's my cue to start doing some real work. lol