Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Top 10 Ways You Know You Are Expecting Your SECOND Child...

This pregnancy has been so different from the first time around! I'm sure many of you can relate. Anyhow, here are my Top 10 Ways You Know It's Baby #2...

1. You feel no need to count the number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months that you have been pregnant. You just know that a baby is coming...sometime next spring...or around then.

2. Your doctor's visits can usually take place in 6 minutes or less. This is mostly due to the fact that you are a certified professional at peeing in cups of any size.

3. Suddenly, you realize that you have more answers than questions.

4. Your maternity wardrobe takes up more closet space than all of what your husband uses.

5. You know to keep a bottle of TUMS on your nightstand. Just in case.

6. Instead of imagining a picture-perfect bundle of joy miraculously arriving on your doorstep, you are remembering sleepless nights and the smell of spit-up (all caused by a picture-perfect bundle of joy that you earned fair and square through 36 hours of labor).

7. You spend less time decorating the nursery. You may actually spend absolutely no time decorating the nursery. Suddenly, just having a bassinet at your bedside is perfectly sufficient.

8. You stock up on diapers and nursing pads first. Everything else is icing on the cake.

9. You enter Babies 'R Us looking for what might as well be the minivan of strollers....the DOUBLE stroller (ugh).

10. You know just how happy your life can be with one child...and your mind is reeling at the thought of loving another baby as much as you fell in love with your first. Your heart feels like it just might explode with the joy of it all.


Dale said...

I love your latest blog- Babes!!
I know that, as your Mom, I might not have the most objective viewpoint- BUT- I Love the Way you write!!!I am patiently waiting for
the poetess to peek through and write an awe-inspiring, heart tugging poem about the Tater Tots!?
Love you,
Mom (and Dad)

Lopez-kids said...

You hit the nail on the head Kim! Baby #2 is very different, and yet somehow the same. :-) PS - Julia loves Olivia! That is one of her favorites too!

Aimee Stewart said...

I totally agree! SO funny! So, when Lizzie was born 2 weeks early, I had her bedroom completely decorated and clothes in the drawers - but NO diapers! Ooops.

Jamie & Johnny said...

Did you write that? I'm impressed. You totally described it perfectly! So great. It's almost sad how true some of that is. Oh and let me know what you find about a double stroller...i'm so stressing it.

Ruth Tait said...

Just wait until you have your 7th child. Emily swears that Jared still bears the scars of him playing in his birthday cake while I was away at the store. I'm guilty....I guess by then you realize that your baby has no idea what a birthday even is until about his/her third birthday. But whatever, the reality is...
your heart continues to expand to unconditionally love as many of those precious little babies as you are blessed to be a mother to. Children are a parent's jewels.