Friday, February 8, 2008

Nesting, Nesting....1...2...3...

Baby clothes dutifully washed in Dreft.... check.

Baby gear sanitized, sterilized and ready to go.... check.

Every closet, drawer, and corner in the house organized and rearranged for maximal efficiency.... check.

Mommy with apparent symptoms of OCD.... check.

I can't help it. It really is a compulsion. I can't stop cleaning. Every fiber of my physical body is telling me to stop and take a break...but I can't!!!

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Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff and Lukey said...

can't wait to meet the new little tait! thanks for the milk tip, Luke is my first kid that will drink milk. ben only with oreos and jeffey and i won't touch the stuff. i guess they know best!