Friday, March 7, 2008


My friend Jenn tagged me a while ago, and I am just now getting around to it. Here it goes!

5 Things I did today:
1. I got my hair done! YAY
2. Took my sister to lunch at Costa Vida...YUM
3. Started reading the new book that I bought on Wednesday, "Their Eyes Were Watching God".
4. Watched a re-run of 90210....It's been a LONG time since I've seen an episode, and it was so nostalgic for me!
5. Nursed Ella, and then had a Dance Party in the living room with Ava. We dance a lot around here.

5 Things I need to do:
1. Finish Ava's baby book. I want to have it done by her 2nd birthday in April.
2. Buy more PJ's for Ava. She is growing so fast!
3. Write Thank-You notes for all the gifts we've received since Ella was born.
4. Go grocery shopping...or should I say, make a list for David.
5. Take Kona to the groomer.

5 Things I'll do when I strike it rich:
1. Move into a much bigger house. I've been watching "House Hunters" on HGTV way too much since the baby was born, and I'm feeling trunky.
2. Buy lots of interesting art.
3. Buy a baby grand piano.
4. Go on a vacation somewhere exotic.
5. Re-vamp my wardrobe. It needs some help right now...

5 Places I've lived:
1. Redondo Beach, CA
2. Tempe, AZ
3. Mesa, AZ
4. Chandler, AZ
5. Oh, and I was born in Salt Lake City. Does that count?

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Graduating from high school.
2. Getting ready to come to ASU.
3. Dating a marine. Wow that seems like a lifetime ago....
4. Dancing with my dance team.
5. Preparing for a cheerleading trip to London.

5 of my bad qualities/habits:
1. I am compulsively tidy. I am always cleaning up. I can't stop, and sometimes I wish I could just relax and let things slide.
2. I get frustrated with my dog a lot. I need to stop though, because Ava has started to yell, "KONA! NO!" all the time. I feel so bad when I hear Ava say that...
3. I brush my teeth too hard. My dentist gets mad at me and says that, while I don't have any plaque, I am basically destroying my gumline.
4. I rarely answer the phone. If I am busy doing something else, I usually just let the machine get it. Then I forget to return calls sometimes.
5. I sleep with my contacts in. For like, weeks at a time.

5 Things that people probably don't know about me:
1. I couldn't keep a plant alive if my own life depended on it.
2. If I wear flip-flops during the day, I can't get in bed without washing my feet.
3. I had my belly button pierced in high school. Twice. The hole looks pretty funny now, after two babies. It's kind of like a little horizontal line.
4. I never did a single load of laundry until my freshman year in college at the dorms. That is kind of a funny story in and of itself. Let's just say, I had no white shirts after that. Only pink.
5. I am very attentive to people's hands. If David had ugly hands, we probably wouldn't be married right now.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


Karen said...

okay so I am glad I am not the only one. I always wash my feet before I go to sleep when I wear flip-flop (which is almost everyday in the summer). Just one more thing we have in common.

The Welker Family said...

I haven't checked on you in a while. Congrats on th cute little baby! I love her head of hair. Ava looks like such a big sister. Just wait till the jealousy kicks in and she konks her in the head with a toy. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you - but just be prepared. Oh, and you look great!

the Painters said...

GREAT list! So fun to read. I am the SAME way about my feet. I have to wash them if they get ANYTHING on them, especially when I wear flips and they get black on the soles of them.
Oh and we have dance party here in the Painter house too all the time. Yeah, the boys are so nerdy when they dance but it is soooooo fun! We're fun moms and I know our kids will remember these memories.

Mary Woodman said...

I have to wash my feet before bed too!! Can't wait to see you and Ella!! You sound like you're doing great!!!

Rees Family said...

I'm so glad you did the tag. Just when you think you know so much about somebody, these tags teach you so much more. All you weirdos washing your feet. I just clean my sheets more often. I am way to lazy to wash my feet. And yes, I wear flip flops every day!!! I am with you on the tidy thing. I'm a litle obsessive compulsive when it comes to my house. My poor kids are constantly having to tidy up after themselves. Oh well, it's a good thing to learn. I'll just keep telling myself that. I hope you and Ella are doing well. Let us know when it is safe to come see her. We are finally all healthy around here.