Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I decided to try this really great and very effective diet...otherwise known as the 24 hour FLU.

I came down with some very strange and very violent bug quite suddenly last night, and it has sapped all of the life out of me.

I was throwing up ALL night last night, and into this morning. Now I am huddled away in my sickbed, with nothing to do but blog, blog blog.

And even in my delirious state, all I can do is feel a foggy sense of gratitude that David is the guy that he is. You wouldn't always know it from afar, but he is the BEST at taking care of people when they are sick. I kid you not...this guy could have been a male nurse or something.

For example, every time I got up to throw up in the middle of the night, David sprang out of bed to help me to the bathroom and hold my hair back while I threw up. I'm sorry...I know that is gross and probably too much info, but it was just so sweet and reassuring to have him there. He would tell me to relax and rub my back, and then get me cold water and help me back to bed. Mind you, this whole sequence happened like 8 times last night. Neither one of us was able to fall asleep until about 4:00 this morning.

This morning, David took Ava to my sister-in-law's house so I could get some rest. Little Ella stayed here with me, and she has been such an angel. She has just been sleeping and contentedly hanging out with me in my little dungeon here. She is so smiley all the time. I swear, I love this little girl like crazy. And to make things even better, when David brought Ava home during his lunch break, he carried Ava here into the bedroom where she proceeded to give me a hug and say, "Mommy playing on laptop. Ava tired. I take a nappy now." I'm not kidding. What little sweethearts I have been blessed with.

At least if I am going to feel like crap, I am surrounded with a really awesome family. That's what I keep saying, make myself feel better. YUCK.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! not only are you kids soooo cute but you have a great hubby as well! Julie