Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

So, of course we all know that the weather was beyond gorgeous last week, so we had to take advantage by taking several trips to our favorite park in the neighborhood. Lots of green grass, big, beautiful trees, a huge lake with lots of ducks, a fun playground, and weather that actually didn't feel like we were roasting in an oven.

It was heaven.

Time for some bubbles!

Ava kept chasing after the ducks, saying, "Hi ducks! How are you? What is your names?"

It was pretty funny.
And here are just a few more random pics that I just downloaded....

It's funny, people ask me every now and then if I belong to a gym (which I do, I just never actually go But, as all you moms know, this is the best workout there is.
Oh, and yes...we finally got Ava into her "Big Girl Bed" in her own bedroom!! YAY, Ava!

The transition was actually not that bad at all. She still waits in her bed for me to come get her up in the morning and after naptime (shhhh.... we won't let her in on the fact that getting out on her own is even an option...). She loves her new room, and Ella now has full reign of the nursery.
Finally...David's 32nd birthday was last week! Happy Birthday, honey! We love you a ton.

Here's the Happy Birthday song from two of your biggest fans.


the Painters said...

Oh how cute! I LOVE how she said "Kooooona" at first. So great and what a great thing that you got that on camera. LOVE it! My boys were watching it with me and we all giggled.

scott and lindsey said...

hi Dave and Kim!
(I used to swim with Dave- actually he was my coach for a while there- so funny to think about that!)

Just wanted to say Hi- found you on amy's blog. You guys have the cutest little girls- what a beautiful family! and I LOVE those family pics- wow!

charonfamily said...

The "MOM" workout I have to agree is the best, and it's free!