Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ella's Big Day

On February 25th, Ella Marie Tait turned ONE YEAR OLD! :)
I can't believe my baby girl is one year old already!

On her actual birthday, we celebrated with some gifts and cake. Ella was very good about sharing with her big sis.

Then on the following Sunday, we had a fun little family barbecue to celebrate the occasion. Again, she loved her cake, and got lots of cute gifts from her grandparents and cousins.

Now, Ella is officially in her big girl car seat, and loving every minute of it. :)

This little sweetheart has been the easiest, sweetest, most wonderful baby a mommy could ever hope for. I love her to pieces, and just can't imagine what life was ever like without her.
Love you Ella!! Happy Birthday!


Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff and Lukey said...

the first picture is gorgeous! she is so adorable. happy birthday ella.

Alison said...

She really is a dream baby. What else can you say but "Ohhhhhhh ELLLLLLLLA!" (no pics of her extremities sticking out of the ice chest...?)

Jamie said...

I don't think she can get any cuter. Happy birthday! :)

Rees Family said...

Yay for a new post! Love the pics of Ella. She is definitely a sweet baby. You realize that when you get one that sweet you start thinking another one wouldn't be so bad. He he he.

Karen said...

Yea for Ella. She is so cute.

charonfamily said...

so so so so cute! Love her little face, you have the cutest family EVER!

Mary said...

She's SO cute!! Love the pics...wish I could have seen them when I was there!