Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun

Well, our summer is off to a great start.

We kicked things off this year with our annual "camping" trip with the Jones's and the Britt's (Does it still count as camping when you are staying in an awesome cabin and having s'mores on a comfy couch while the kids are happily snoozing in bed? Yeah, I think so, too...) .

While we were there... Ava caught her first fish! (Okay, Mommy caught the fish. Ava happened to be somewhere in the general vicinity. And yes, I was using the awesome Barbie fishing pole.)
And of course.... summertime = pool time. In addition to the weekly swim lessons and such, my girls are really getting the hang of lounging poolside. I love it!


Since the weather has been so nice, David took Friday morning off (a small miracle for such a workaholic), and we took the girls to the zoo. They absolutely loved it. And I think they loved spending time with Daddy even more than any of the cool animals they saw.

This summer Ava is also taking part in an adorable little dance camp that my niece has put together. They are learning a bunch of song and dance routines, and performing them for all the parents at the end of the month. Each week the girls in the class have had a little theme to dress up for.

Today was "crazy hair day". So Ava sported a faux-hawk. Still awesome, after getting a little bedraggled during the car ride home.

And Ava is finally starting to smile for pictures! YAY!!

Striking a pose from her dance routine...

So... needless to say, it's been a fun summer so far.

We're looking forward to whatever the next few weeks will bring!


Karen said...

I want to go camping like you do. I love Ava's hair Payton has told me all day she wants a long ponytail like Ava had.

Alison said...

That picture of the girls lounging on their pool chairs is awesome. Teaching them young... I like it!!