Thursday, July 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance!

Some of you out there may have heard of a little show called....

Well... a few friends and I are absolute fanatics, and decided to drive out to Hollywood to see the taping this week!!

Sherri, Jen, Leah, and I. Showered, dressed, packed and ready to go at 6:00 a.m. Let the fun begin!!

Uh-oh.... I got a little too excited to get there.

Uh-oh... Jen got a little sick.

(** Please note, this is a dramatic reenactment of Jen's puking. No, I did not take a picture of her as the poor thing was getting sick in the car. That would be cruel. But reenacting it later was just plain hilarious.)

By the way, have you ever sat in a car for six hours? Has it been an enjoyable experience for you? Let me tell you, all speeding tickets and vomiting aside, that was the most fun I have ever had on a road trip. Great conversation the whole way. The hours literally FLEW by. And before we knew it, we were pulling in at the hottest hotel in Hollywood (cue the sarcasm)...

The Beverly Inn.
Okay, it wasn't the NICEST hotel in town. So there were only ten rooms. So the pool was about the size of our bathtub. So there were a few suspicious stains on the bedsheets and the air conditioning didn't work. It was cheap, okay?! AND... it was just across the street from the studios where the show was being taped. Score!
Do you see CBS Television City in the background?!!?!?

So, as soon as we checked in, we got into line. Here, we enjoyed some yummy pitas (courtesy of Jen) . And we enjoyed a few crazy dance poses for the camera.
Finally, after a few hours of waiting...we got in to see the show! Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this because there were no cameras allowed. Dang it. But, we sidled our way in to the studio, and managed to get right in the front, dead center! We were just about three rows back from the stage, and it was great! We had a little chat with Cat Deeley in between takes (she is even more gorgeous in person), and she made a little joke about us "getting a cocktail" after the show. Should I have mentioned to her that we don't drink? Oh well, we just played along.

I'm pretty sure we're friends now. Don't be jealous.

After the taping of the show, I weasled my way towards where the choreographers were sitting, and I managed to meet Sonya, Louie Van Amstel, Tyce DiOrio, and Tabitha and Napolean. I did happen to mention to "Nappy Tabs" that they were possibly the cutest couple of all time. They laughed. They said thank you. They shook my hand. So, now, I'm pretty sure that I am friends with them, too. Now you can be jealous.

By this time, we were all starving for some dinner, so we went over to The Grove.

After walking around for a bit, we decided on The Cheesecake Factory (YUM).

Guess who we spotted inside?

One Melissa Sandvig (a.k.a. "The Naughty Ballerina")...that's who!!

As soon as I saw her, I blurted out, "We're 29, too!!" She laughed, and we ended up talking for like 20 minutes with her and her husband. They are possibly the nicest people alive (aside from my friend, Cat).

Anyhow, after we spent such a long time talking, we joked with her and said that we should all hang out sometime, considering that we are such hot 29 year olds. At this point, she said, and I am not kidding, "Well, where do you live?" (As in...maybe we CAN get together sometime!) We said that we all lived in Arizona, and then she said to look her up on Facebook, and we could keep in touch that way. SO..... we really ARE friends with Melissa now!! YES!!

**At this point, I am realizing that I might sound a little stalker-ish? It's okay. I've come to terms with it. That's what "fanatic" means.... right?**

Hold the phone, I haven't even mentioned that we also ran into Kourtney from Season Four! She was so adorable. I just wanted to put her in my pocket!

So, we had a fabulous dinner. Too fabulous, actually. I ate so much that I was looking a little preggers. LOL

So, after a few more laughs at the Grove,

we decided it was time to get in our jammies and cozy up at The Beverly Inn.

We did have two beds, actually. But this was the only one with the awesome neon green blanket.

The next morning, we decided to head over to Graumann's Chinese Theatre for some tourist-y sightseeing.

And boy, did we get an eye-ful.

So, after grabbing some lunch (and a few souveniers), we headed back home.

After getting Jen some Dramamine, of course.

We stopped off near Ontario to see my Daddy-o. He still works in Cali during the week. I love him so much! It was great, even just to see him for a quick stop at 7-11.

Thank you to these wonderful ladies for the most fun I have had a long time. I laughed so hard and had such a great time. Show or no show, just the driving and chatting was a blast. Of all the friends I gained during my quick trip to Hollywood, these ones are my favorite!


Karen said...

How fun. I am jealous I want to go on a trip like that one of these day. I am glad you had such a great time, and got to meet so many people from the show.

Lisa said...

Wow, Kim! Totally jealous. :)

Jamie said...

I am jealous too. Next year I want to go stay at the Beverly Inn. I need those green neon sheets. Glad you had so much fun. You guys deserve it. What's up with Jen pucking? Preggers? I guess not since she got the dramamine but I did think that at first. I miss you girls. We need to get together soon. :)

Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff and Lukey said...

sooo jealous! bri asked my why I didn't go? next year i will religously stalk the show just so i can go no the road trip (and I won't be preggo and stuck in az near a hospital!!!) congrats on your celeb sightings.

Courtney said...

How did you get tickets! That is so much fun...I gotta figure that out, so I can go next year. What a great quick trip, I love those!

charonfamily said...

That looks like a Super-fun fabulous road trip!

Mary said...

How fun! I am SO jealous!! I love the neon blanket!! : )

Aimee said...


Green with Envy, here, just GREEN! Almost as green as that lovely blanket!

Thanks for sharing! :)