Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Very Fabulous 5 Year-Old

Last Thursday my dear, sweet, precious baby girl turned FIVE! Ava Nicole Tait, where have the last five years gone?

Ava's birthday party was a success, despite the fact that I came down with a knock-down, drag-em-out case of strep throat the night before. Super-Dad Dave and my amazing parents pulled it all off as I watched from my bedroom window, propped up in bed.

Ava has been asking for a mermaid-themed party for months. She also wanted a bouncer. So what's a Mom to do who doesn't really want a big-busty image of Ariel being shoved in her children's faces?
Get a Nemo bouncer, instead! Ava loved it! And the ocean-themed images seemed much more kid-friendly to me. Well, maybe except the horrifyingly scary shark on top. I didn't know he'd be that big. And sharks probably eat mermaids, right? But I'll take sharks over Ariel's boobs any day. But that's just me.

The kids also played "mermaid games", which included a fish-catching game Dave had at the swim school, and potato sack races! Get it...mermaid's don't have legs? Hee hee. Everyone wore their bathing suits for all of the water-related games that ensued. And a good time was had by all....including one very happy birthday girl....who was asking to open her presents about 10 minutes after the party started.

Happy Birthday, dear Ava.

Make a Wish!

I hope and pray that all your wishes come true. Love, Mom.


Karen said...

Oh how fun I am so happy Ava loved her party and I so sad Payton missed it she also came down with strep throat weird. Hope you are feeling better.

Rees Family said...

Happy Birthday Ava! Looks like the party was a success! So sorry you got sick. It was probably kind of nice handing over the reigns though. ;) I cannot believe our little girls are heading off to Kindergarten. Crazy!!!! I hope she had a fabulous birthday and we are in need of another adult dinner night....SOON!!!