Sunday, January 6, 2008

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaa-ck!

10 days of relaxation + snow + friends + family + Christmas = ONE HAPPY TAIT FAMILY

Ava LOVES the cold weather! Who knew that an Arizona baby could withstand such temperatures?

Ava and her cousin Vanessa playing with Nessa's nanny in Chicago. They had a great time together!

Christmas Eve dinner at John and Jenava's. Jenava outdid herself! And yes, we are all wearing paper crowns. We were forced against our will. Some crazy Australian tradition, I guess. :)

Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" in our new Christmas jammies.

Then the fun really started!!


Rees Family said...

Hey Kim. Cute pics. It looks like you guys had a great time in Chicago. Ava is getting so big. Can you believe our babies are almost two. Yikes! I have been checking your blog frequently for an update, but you are not all that consistent. I expect daily updates of the comings and goings of the Taits. Anyhow, I'm being induced tonight, so I better go pack some bags. Keep posting cute pics of your fam. Love ya- Jenn

the Painters said...

VERY VERY cute Kim! Looks wonderful. Aren't vacations a total must!?

The Welker Family said...

Little Ava sure looks cute in her red hat! The snow is fun for the little ones until their hands start freezing and they start having a freak-out attack! I'm glad you had a good holiday! You are looking cute and prego!