Thursday, May 29, 2008

Channel 12 at EVO!

Here's the truck at EVO this morning...getting ready for the live interview!

Lance and Erik did a phenomenal job this morning as they showed off their swimming
skills on Channel 12. Both of them proclaimed that it was indeed, "the best day of their lives."

And David is a natural! He was so calm and easy-going in front of the camera...his live interview(s) went off without a hitch.

AVA, on the other hand...was more, shall we say, "high maintenance"? Yes. That's the nicest way to say it. High maintenance. Let's just say that:

9:30 p.m. bedtime (crazy day...long story) + 4:50 a.m. wake-up + no breakfast (big hurry to get there in time...another long story) + bright lights + chlorine in the eyes + being a two year old girl = CRYING.

Yes. Ava cried for her entire TV debut. After making her mommy put on a swimsuit and get in the water with her, and after 15 minutes of happily playing in the water and doing a great job, just as we were about to go live, Ava had a meltdown. Isn't that just sooooo befitting of a two-year-old? Luckily, she did not have a mic on. Luckily, the cameraman panned away from her when it got pretty bad. Unfortunately, some of it was caught on tape. I'm sure I'll look back on this and laugh someday, right? I hope so. (big sigh) This was how Ava looked on the way home (notice the contrast between Lance and Erik above)...

Conked OUT!
So, the next time your kid has a meltdown, just be thankful that you are not on live TV. Seriously. Be very grateful. Sheesh.

Oh well, hopefully the swim school got some good exposure from it all. Next time we'll know better, and no two year olds will be allowed on camera! lol

Oh yeah, and here are some pics from our camping trip over Memorial Day weekend with the Jones's and the Britts (and a few extras from when we got home). Fun times!

Ben, Luke, Jeff, Hendrix, and Ava

Me and the girls...roughing it!Hiking at the Tonto Natural Bridge
Ella...all bundled up for the cold weather up north

Ava in her heels as soon as we got home

Happy Ella...always smiling!

Lance, Ava, David, and Ella (okay, this one was from a long time ago, but it was too cute not to add on the blog...don't Lance and Ava look like brother and sister? )
Sleeping beauty


Rees Family said...

Love the post. We saw it live this morning. Yes, Live is what I said. So cute. I love that you made your t.v. debut in a bathing suit. That is awesome. Ava looked adorable and I could not even tell that she was crying. Honestly. Dave did great a great job. Everything looked great and I hope you guys get some good business from it.
P.S. I had already answered that girl's comment on my blog about what school it was...on her blog. You are so funny. Gotta love the plugs.
Your pics are awesome and you looked like you were having fun camping. Good times. So glad it wasn't me....but...good times for you. :) Love ya.

Rees Family said...

Now worries. It was a good last minute decision. I thought you looked good. Your hair looked great! I would love to see your t.v. debut. Are you in a bikini in that one? J/K Your kiddos are adorable in all of your pics. I LOVE Ella's boots. Brooklyn had the same ones. They are so cute. They make me wish it were cold. So that is not going to happen anytime soon. When are we going to lunch? I was so excited to see 11 comments on my blog and lo and behold...3 are from you. You are hilarious. You can comment as many times as you want. No worries. Do you want me to do an EVO ad on my sidebar. No prob. I only charge....J/K

Alison said...

We saw Lance and Erik's segment... the dvr didn't record Ava's because my husband has so many Oprah's saved there was no more room to record! Davida was totally calm and well spoken and Lance and Erik were awesome. But my favorite part was when the news anchor said "Lance is gonna be the next Michael Phelps!"

Mike said...

The 12 spot was great. I already called & told Dave that...anyway, the pics are great too. Camping was really fun as well. SO good to get together now & again!