Friday, May 30, 2008


My 2 year old daughter has officially turned our nice, quiet home into Tantrum Central.


Anything and everything warrants a severe meltdown nowadays.

For example:

Ava drops her spoon at breakfast. Meltdown.

I pick up her spoon, put it in the sink, and get her a new spoon. Meltdown continues.

We turn off Sesame Street to get dressed for the day. Meltdown.

We go for a walk. A car passes by. Meltdown (Ava has apparently developed a serious fear of ALL motorized vehicles)

We have lunch. I refuse to let Ava have any fruit snacks until she finishes her sandwich. Meltdown.

We take Ava to get her first haircut. MAJOR meltdown.

Please help me!!!! Or just at least tell me I'm not the only one. I'm dyin' here!!!!!!! I swear I am losing my mind. And my patience. Aaaaargh.


Rees Family said...

Oh dear, I am feeling your pain over here. We DO NOT leave the house. Brooklyn has meltdowns everywhere we go. Getting into the car seat...meltdown. Eating anything other than a fruit snack...meltdown. Sitting in the grocery cart...meltdown. I would be o.k. if it was just crying, but it is screaming, kicking, flailing, gagging, etc. She has gotten a little better as long as we stay at home. But...hello!...I do need to run errands every now and again. I don't have a solution for you. I wish I did. I could use some advice over here. I try and just ignore and/or put her in time out. Time out is actually working really well for me right now. It could all change tomorrow though. Good luck.

Jenni said...

I'm so sorry - I don't why they make so much fuss about "terrible twos" because I thought the "ones" were pretty dang tough on their own! Good news - if she's at all like my kids were, she'll get most of it out of her system now and the "twos" will be a breeze... until you hit 3...

It'll end all too soon I promise!

Karen said...

You are so not alone, and I am sorry we did not come over and hangout on Friday, because it probaby would have helped the day. Payton has also been having meltdowns a lot, so maybe it is something in the water. Hang in there we will have to hang out soon.

Lopez-kids said...

You are not the only one. :-) I hate to have to tell you, but I would trade the tantrums anyday for the mischief Julia gets into now. ;-) I still think boys must be much easier. Hang in there! It is all about the "moments" right?! :-)

Courtney said...

I don't know that boys don't throw tantrums...Landon is the king of throwing himself onto the floor when he doesn't get what he wants...then he comes to find me when I have left the room and start it all over again!

Castle Family said...

I can sooooooooo emapathize!!! I told Chris the other day that when I estimate the time it will take to get ready for anything, I need to start factoring in at least 3 tantrums. *sigh*