Saturday, January 17, 2009

Appalachian Baby

My baby is officially a red-neck.

I am thinking that from now on, she should only be allowed to wear overalls with no shirt underneath, chew on long droopy pieces of wheat, and be barefoot with dirty feet.

Please refer to Exhibit A, and pardon the pieces of slimy banana on her jammies.
In case you missed it... that's a serious snaggle-tooth I'm a referring to.

And this was too funny not to post, check out the pick of David trying to pry her mouth open for a picture to document it... Too funny!

She's not ALL country ALL the time... but if Ella's first word is "AIN'T", then I am seriously going to wonder...


Alison said...

That first picture is hilarious! And she looks so adorable in that last pic... snaggle and all, that girl is a beauty.

Jamie said...

What the tooth? That is hilarious.