Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ava's First Haircut!

Ava got her first haircut on Friday, and guessed it. She cried the whole time. It was sad, but pretty dang funny at the same time.
You would have thought we were cutting off her limbs instead of her hair.
But just moments earlier, on our way out the door, Ava had given a big smile to the camera...she had no idea what she was in for.

During the haircut, Ava pulls out her "blank-leee" and finds a happy place

LOL... as soon as I ask her to say cheese, she starts crying again...but tries to smile through the tears. LOL

Next in line for a haircut... little Ella! With her head full of hair, I'm sure it won't be long until she needs a trim, too!


Castle Family said...

Look at your little Ella!! She's getting so big! And she's adorable, of course :) I wouldn't be opposed to Trey marrying a Tait ;) Did Dave get Chris's voicemail the other day?? We totally watched him on the news, he did sooo good! I actually pulled Meegan from dance (after recital in a few weeks) so she can do swim lessons, I'll have to contact the school sometime soon :) Can't wait!

Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff and Lukey said...

thanks for such a fun camping weekend. ava held her own pretty well considering she was hangin' with a bunch of boys! and congrats on your little personal accomplishment, so glad i could be a part of it!!!
can't wait till next year.

crazycool Steenhoeks said...

Ohhh, poor little Ava! And trying to smile through the tears, ohhh... Hope she gets more used to it soon, or you might be stuck with long hair! J/K! And Ella is just SO CUTE!
Have a great summer!

Rees Family said...

Love the haircut pics. Ava is a cutie. I wanted an after pic so I could see her new do. I'm sorry about all of the tantrums and crying. If it makes you feel any better, read my newest post and as an added bonus- Brooklyn bit Peyton this morning HARD!!!! Yes, my life is pretty much a nightmare right now.
Hey, I'm having my jewelry party tomorrow night. COME!!!!! It is going to be so fun. You can bring your kids or have your mom watch them. Come! You can see my new house and eat some yummy food. Bring some of your friends and make it a fun outing. Am I sounding desperate enough? I'm a little stressed about it. Emily's mom is the one doing the party for me. I'm going to look like such a shmuck when no one shows up. So.......COME!!!!! You wouldn't want your sweet Jenny looking like a shmuck, would you?

Jamie said...

OH my too cute and stressful. I am with you on the below "tantrum" post. Trey is the same way right now. Well, maybe with a little less girly drama and more boyish drama like throwing and hitting me with a baseball bat. It's a phase, it's a phase!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Although Ava is crying she still looks cute. Have you ever heard of cool cuts 4 kids? That is where I take Mariyah and she LOVES it. The kids get to sit in a car or firetruck while they are getting their hair cut and they even get to to pick out a movie to watch. It's pretty amazing and that way they aren't focused on the hair cut as much. Ella is darling and I love all the hair she has. I love all the remodeling in your home too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You, Jen, and Mary have the cutest baby girl's ever!!!