Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Believe

My friend Bryan did this on his blog a while ago, and I loved it. So, here's my list.

I Believe

-in being able to laugh at yourself
-in telling someone when they have something in their teeth
-that women and men are meant to be different...and that's what makes it great
-in reading rather than watching TV
-that heaven smells like baby powder
-that music is the language of the soul
-that Christ lives
-in human potential
-self-righteousness is the most abhorrent sin
-in free agency
-in responsibility for your own actions
-in mercy and compassion
-in the Plan of Salvation
-in eating a good breakfast
-in friendship
-that all truth may be circumscribed in one great whole
-in being confident about who you are
-keeping a journal makes life meaningful
-in fresh-sliced deli meats and cheeses
-in reading the newspaper
-in giving people the benefit of the doubt
-in being willing to try new things
-most career politicians are corrupt
-most business owners are Republicans
-in being honest with yourself (and with others) by living within your means
-that Baby Einstein is a big hoax (but I use the stuff anyway...)
-in going to the temple regularly
-nothing beats the sound of waves crashing on the beach
-in yoga
-chocolate can actually make life better
-learning about other cultures is important for young children
-feminism, in its purest form, is the recognition and celebration of all things feminine
-meals taste better when shared in good company
-that happiness is the object and design of our existence


Rees Family said...

Very sweet Kim. I really enjoyed reading your list of things you believe. It gives insight into you. Very fun!

Aimee said...

Kim, that is beautiful. Really, you should print and frame.