Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tagged....kind of.... :)

No, these aren't more before and after pics.... this is the latest and greatest tag. Actually, I think it's secretly a plot that Jenn designed to show off how super organized her pantry is. J/K :) It's just basically a little peek of what's going on in our house right now....

What my kids are doing:

Playing! This is basically what happens in between viewings of Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.
What's in the pantry:

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins....some snacks, cereal, baking stuff, and a bread maker that I've never used. Not even once.

What's in the fridge:

Hmmm....not much right now. Juice, produce, eggs, bread, milk (skim), the Brita thing, and leftovers - chicken cordon bleu, salad, and roasted veggies - from last night.

What's in the closet?

A whole lot of nothing to wear. That's what.
What's in the guest bathroom:

The gigantic mirror and broadway lighting that I wanted to get rid of...but couldn't because the rest of our reno cost too much. Oh well...

What's in the sink:

Ava! (This was from yesterday morning actually...if I were to take a pic right now, all you'd see is some dirty dishes I haven't loaded yet)
Laundry room:

Cleaning supplies, etc. And a washer and dryer that are probably older than I am.

Favorite room in the house:

Is it weird to say that the nursery is my favorite room in the house? It is so bright and colorful and inviting...and I really like hanging out in there with the girls. We like to party here.

Favorite pair of shoes:

These are just some ballet flats that I got from GAP a while ago. But I love them and wear them all the time and they don't even smell funky yet. They always add a fun splash of color.

Okay, now I tag Aimee, Lanae, Leah, and Alison. Let's see it, ladies!


Kris & Amy said...

you have a bread maker that you have never used?! Kim, should try it! Or sell it on Ebay or something so it doesn't take up space. :)

Rees Family said...

1st- I did not make up this tag, but it was fun to see how you live.
2nd- You and Cordon Bleu. You have been into that since we lived together 9 years ago. Crazy girl.
3rd-Love your nursery. So fun. So bright.
I'm so glad you did the tag. Your closet looks awesome and your pantry could use some good junk food. Get on it.
See ya next Wednesday with my lunch. :)

The Taits said...


No Jenny, this is real chicken cordon bleu that I made myself...not the stuff from Costco that I used to live on. Although, I do eat those once in a while, too. Funny though how some things never change, huh?

Mary said...

You and Jenn and your perfect color coordinated closets!! I love the pictures!!

Aimee said...

Okay, Kim, I'll get right on that, uh, just let me do some organizing, rearranging and my blog tomorrow! :)