Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Ex-Computer

It’s official. My computer hates me.

Last week my evil ex-laptop finally gave up the ghost. I’m pretty sure that Windows crashed. For a while, we haven’t been getting along so well …my computer and I. We had little spats here and there…a meltdown or two…and eventually just stopped communicating with one another. She had a total breakdown on Wednesday and completely stopped speaking to me. And, to be quite honest, I came very close to slamming her against a wall on Thursday. I think we are going to need some kind of mediator to work things out between us, if there is any hope for our future together at all.

In the meantime…I’ve been hanging out a lot with David’s computer. I think a beautiful new friendship is blossoming between us....

In other news, David and I went out yesterday afternoon with the girls to try and find a new “Big Girl Bed” for Ava. Frankly, she doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. Every time we would ask her if she was excited about it (trying to muster up as much enthusiasm as we could), she would just pout and say, “NO.” **sigh** Actually, for as outwardly optimistic as I appeared, as the day progressed, all of my own concerns about this “Big Girl Bed” idea crept to the surface.

“What if Ella wakes up Ava in the night, or vice versa?”

“What about naptime? They are on different schedules in the afternoon?!”

“What if Ava tries to crawl into the crib with Ella and suffocates her?!?!?!"

“How on earth are we going to fit two beds in that tiny bedroom, anyway?!?!?”

I’m not ready for a Big Girl Bed!!

Needless to say, by the end of our (unbelievably unfruitful) shopping trip, I was pouting just as much as (probably more than) Ava, and begging David to be reasonable and buy some furniture for our living room instead. That’s a logical alternative, isn’t it? After all…it’s not like Ella is totally too big for the bassinet (yes she’s still in the bassinet…and yes, I know….it’s crazy). I mean, her toes only kind of touch the end, and her head just barely brushes the top, and even that is probably just because she has so much hair anyway, and she really doesn’t completely roll over in it, just onto her side…kind of. **sigh**

Well, I would post some pictures to go along with my post…my mean ex-computer dumped them all out of the Windows and after we had so many memories together....


Aimee said...

My. all. time. favorite. post!!! So funny!

Thanks for the laughs!

Mary said...

You crack me up!! I miss you too much!! : (

charonfamily said...

Not to totally rain on the parade, but pretty much all your fears about "big girl bed" have come true with our little Riley. He wakes up and realizes, "hey, I can go downstairs and pull everything out of the fridge" and then he does. Fabulous. But he is learning that staying in bed makes for a MUCH happier mom. Good luck with your shot, Hope it will be more successful than what ours has been.