Thursday, July 10, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Ok...ok....I'm completely addicted. I've watched last night's show a few times (yes, more than twice), and the judges are obviously trying to rub out Comfort and Thayne (which I don't have a problem with...I don't really care for either of them). But does anyone get the feeling that the judges talk beforehand about who they don't like, and then, no matter what the performance is like, they just BASH on that person?

And does anyone else think that the judges have been WAY too hard on Jessica? I want to cry for that poor girl! She's really not that bad, and they are SO mean to her!

Anyhow, here's my pick for who will be in the final four:


*These picks are no-brainers. The judges worship the ground they walk on. These contestants could fall flat on their face and the judges would worship what they "added to the routine".


Rees Family said...

You are so funny. Love love love the show. I love Courtney and kind of have issue with Katie. She went on my bad list in Vegas with her little attitude. I LOVE her partner though. I'm obsessed with this show. Comfort is totally going home tonight. I like her, but she isn't as good as everyone else.
I'll be there tomorrow. I need directions so I'll call you in the morning.

Mary said...

Sure, just RUB IT IN MY FACE that the two of you are getting together to play...don't worry about me, I'm just stuck in Ab-butt-lene, TX all by my lonesome!!!!! I guess I'll just have to sit here while you guys have fun without me!! (sobbing) Just Kidding....well not really. I miss you guys....I want to play!!!

Amie said...

DITTO. DITTO and ditto. I LOVE this show too! And I also feel that the judges are WAY too hard on Jessica. I couldn't believe that judge that told Will he was tired of trying to "carry" Jessica. She is a strong girl, if anyone had said something like that to me I would have broken down right there. Ouch! Your top four pics are indeed the finale material. Although, I have to say that I agree with the rees family in that I have a hard time liking Katie because of her bad attitude in Vegas. I know, it's silly! Glad to hear other people watch the show more than once too! lol :)

crazycool Steenhoeks said...

That one routine from Twitch and Kherington Last week-ish was totally amazing. The one with the bed and flowers and stuff. Yeah, it was cool.

Leah & Mike said...

I'm think I'm torn between Twitch or Josh for the final four. It's definitely going to be Chelsie and Katie. I'll say those two girls and Will and Twitch to be slightly different than your guesses.
Will or Katie to win it all. I also think people are judging Katie alittle so strongly, she's 19and I don't think she ever meant she'd give up dance when she said she wouldn't audition again, I think she was merely saying she'd feel embrassed to do it 3 years in a row. I agree with the judges that her and Will were just meant to dance.

Angeler said...

As I tried to formulate my comment for you, I realized I have so much to say that I now have to post on my own blog.

I can NOT believe Will is gone.